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Saving scripture 1

Saving scripture

A project to restore more than 200 IDF Torah scrolls honors the memory of a fallen soldier compared to Bar-Kochba

Afly on the wall at the IDF recruitment office can hear conscripts talking animatedly to their friends about the units they hope will accept them. There are units whose names conjure up extra prestige – like the Shayetet (the navy’s Flotilla 13 commando force), Duvdevan or Maglan.

But the most coveted assignment

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The SafraveSeyfa Project

The SafraveSeyfa Project is a unique opportunity to help the soldiers of the Israel Armed Forces, by bringing a Torah scroll toevery base that does not have one.

The Ark of the Covenant, containing the original Torah scroll went before the Israelite camp in the desert, and even today the Torah protects our soldiers, which sets the Israeli army apart from all other armies of the world.

The final mitzvah that Moshe Rabbeinu wrote in the Torah

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